Fresh-baked Thanksgiving
Pie Made With Cake Flour

A little extra planning means a lot more love, so whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or just with football, make it extra special with scratch-made buttery dinner rolls and old-school skillet cornbread, next-level brioche stuffing and spiced pumpkin pie. Here are 5 recipes to savor and share, guaranteed to bring some fresh-baked love to your Thanksgiving table.

Pull-Apart Stuffing Loaf

Pull-apart breads are fun to make and to eat. They’re great to set out as appetizers or snacks, and this Pull-Apart Stuffing Loaf delivers the delicious flavors of a classic holiday stuffing, making it the perfect accompaniment to leftover slices of turkey.

There’s nothing like cornbread fresh-baked the old-fashioned way in a cast-iron skillet – tender, crumbly and steaming hot, with edges made crispy from the skillet’s radiant heat. Serve it in big chunks topped with butter and honey.

Tradition never tasted (or smelled) so good. Fresh, scratch-made dinner rolls are a staple for holiday meals and easy to make. Originally created by an inspired 19th-century chef at Boston’s historic Parker House Hotel, these dinner roll classics are perfect for soaking up turkey gravy. Our version gets the extra-fine cake-flour upgrade.

Our Pumpkin Brioche Rolls recipe provides the base for this tasty stuffing, mixed with fragrant, fresh herbs, lacinato kale and mild Italian sausage. Don’t be afraid to part from your stuffing tradition this year, because this one is on the short list to become everyone’s favorite.

Mix it up this year with a new twist on traditional pumpkin pie by adding some fragrant chai spices like ginger, cardamom and cinnamon to this pie’s rich, creamy filling. Using Swans Down® Cake Flour in the pie dough makes for an especially light and tender crust.