SINCE 1894

Handed Down

From grandmothers to mothers, from mothers to daughters, since 1894, bakers who know have passed down the knowledge that Swans Down Cake Flour is the one ingredient for which there is no substitute.

Down to the details

Swans Down Cake Flour is made from the finest soft winter wheat. And even then, only the best part of the wheat kernel is used. Unlike hard wheat, which is preferred in bread, winter wheat is far more delicate. Then it is ground and reground, and sifted and resifted through fine silken sieves until it is 27 times finer than all-purpose flour. The result yields cakes that rise higher with textures that are lighter, fluffier, more moist, and, therefore, infinitely more delicious.

Down for anything

The name should have been Swans Down Cake-Cookie-Pancake-Pastry-Biscuit-Pie Flour. But that would’ve been a little long. The same reasons Swans Down is ideal for cakes make it ideal for other baked goods. Its ultrasifted nature makes cookies more delicate, muffins more moist, pancakes fluffier, and everything more delicious.