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America's Favorite Cake Flour Since 1894

For over 100 years, bakers have preferred Swans Down Cake Flour. That’s because Swans Down is made from the finest American soft winter wheat and repeatedly sifted so that its 27 times finer than all-purpose flour. Swans Down Cake Flour is a pure soft flour that does not contain a leavening agent or salt. It is the perfect flour for all of your special baking needs.

My family and I are truly satisfied customers. Swans Down Cake Flour has been passed down in my family for many years.
Swans Down is simply the best flour for cakes. Hands down!
No other flour would produce a cake as fluffy and delicious tasting as Swans Down.
I have used this flour for my baking for many, many years, it is the best!
My mom always said Swans Down was best. 70 years later, it still is...
My family has baked with Swans Down Cake Flour for over 90 years. Our recipes and cake traditions have been handed down from generation, to generation.
I learned to bake with my Grandmother using Swans Down Cake Flour.
My family will only eat cake if it has been made with Swans Down Cake Flour.
I always receive compliments on my cakes. My secret is Swans Down.

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