SINCE 1894

Experts Agree - Swans Down is "the best"
"No other flour would produce a cake as fluffy and delicious tasting as Swans Down"
"My great grandmothers and grandmothers used Swans Down for all of their cakes, now my mother and I do too!" "We love it"
"Swans Down Cake Flour made a normally decent cake recipe special, a new fan."
"Thank you for making such a high quality cake flour!"
"My mom always said Swans Down was best. 70 years later, it still is..."
My pound cake has been made the same for over 40 years - with Swan's Down Cake Flour. A Family Favorite
"I have used this flour for my baking for many, many years, it is the best!"
"Our family has baked with Swans Down for over 90 years...the recipes and tradition has been handed down" From generation to generation
"I use Swans Down cake flour by the cart full!"